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April 2018 Blog

HAPPY SPRING!!!! I think spring may have FINALLY arrived to stay. Maybe…. We are preparing the farm for your visit and we are so excited!!! The new agritourism building is moving along nicely, but a bit slower then planned due to the weather. As far as I can tell, we are about two weeks behind schedule. We still hope to open in early June. Fingers crossed!

The new building is 60’ x 30’ and will be buzzing with activity. We cannot wait to see you all here browsing through our retail shop, watching us make our bath & body products, and wandering the lavender fields cutting your own bundles. You will be able purchase a package of lavender honey cookies to take home after watching us make them here in our certified kitchen. Yes, you read that correctly, you will be able to watch us make the bath & body products and bake your cookies! At the other end of the barn you will be able to watch us hang the harvested lavender to dry. Scott will be doing lavender distilling demonstrations during the harvest season. These are going to be fun days where you can learn how we take the lavender from the field, distill it and end up with lavender essential oil. Amazing!!! We have done everything we can to make excellent use of this little barn.

Scott has begun to prep the ground for the 400 new lavender plants of 5 different cultivars due to arrive in June. YAY! That will bring our lavender plant count to about 1200. We have had several people express interest in volunteering here on the farm. There is a place on our web site that you can sign up to volunteer. Click here

We would love to see you and appreciate any help that you are willing to give : ) You just score a free pizza meal out of it!

I am going to keep this blog short and sweet for now. I need to go make more soap!


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  • So happy for ya’ll 😘. Hoping we can visit soon !


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