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Let's Bring On 2018!

The year 2017 was such a combination of excitement and fear for Scott and I. It was the season for us to determine the direction of our farm and its future. Both Scott and I have worked full time at our “real” jobs ever since we started the lavender farm in 2014. From the beginning the lavender farm has been my baby. Scott took on more of a supportive role. I would say that the lavender farm was a second full time job for me. While I enjoyed the creative and learning process, I was greatly worn down by the business side of it all. In the spring of 2017, after suffering another bout of a mystery illness that laid me out for a few solid days, I knew I had to make a decision. I could no longer handle two full time careers and something had to give. As many of you know, I am also a dental hygienist. I have worked for the same dental office for 13 years. In those 13 years the staff and patients have become like family to me. I just didn’t know if I was ready to give this up.  

But I also knew that the majority of my conversations were now moving towards the lavender farm. I was annoyingly passionate about the products we were developing, making and also our lavender plants. I would find ways to incorporate our lavender farm into most conversations whether it was in the break room during lunch or while I was cleaning someone’s teeth. I am very sure people were amused and ever so slightly aggravated with me. But there was no doubt where my passion was and that my season of life was changing.

My body was telling me that I could not do both. So many prayers were sent up for God to show me the path to take. I told Him that he needed to hit me in the head with a brick and make it very clear which way the path was. I’m not kidding when I say that EVERY SINGLE TIME that I found myself in “doubtsville” God would make something BIG happen. I would have a patient look me in the eye and tell me that I MUST follow my dream, I would get a phone call from a local establishment that they want to carry our products, I would receive a large order on our web site and so forth. The message was very clear, He had our backs and we needed to make this lavender farm a reality. I shutter to think what would happen if I didn’t listen. So I didn’t make the decision, Scott didn’t make the decision, but rather God made the decision and so it is.

I informed my employer that I would like to move down to working two days a week, Scott and I applied for a loan to build a new barn, and we took our leap of faith. I have begun to prepare my patients that they will not see me for their next cleaning, but they can definitely come see me at Shades of Lavender Farm. I hope they do because I am going to miss them deeply. So much history has passed in 13 years and it’s tough to walk away from them. This also goes for my co-workers. They were there for me as I was raising my sons. They supported me when first my mother passed, then my brother and finally my father. They carry a stability and strength that will be sorely missed.

Then there is the lavender farm. Oh, my gosh I am beyond excited with the prospects. I can see it all in my minds eye. I see a pole barn structure that will invite people to come in to watch us make our products and process the lavender. I see a cute retail area that is warm and inviting. We will have fun events that bring people to the farm to watch us harvest the lavender, dry it and also distill it. Distilling will be demonstrated during the harvest season so you can watch the harvested lavender get packed into the distiller with the final product being essential oil. Scott, whom I have named the Master Distiller, will be demonstrating. Honey extraction will be a treat for the family. Stacy our Bee Guru has agreed to come out to the farm a few times over the summer to teach about the honeybees. Stacy will also be here to harvest the sweet honey at the end of the season. You will be able to follow the honey straight out of the hive, to the extractor and then directly from the spout into a vessel, which you can buy immediately.

Then you will be able to follow a tranquil path through our white pine forest out into the lavender field. With each step your stress will melt away, relaxation and peace will replace it. What fun it will be to surround yourself with these fresh fragrant purple lavender plants! Then, after a brief lesson on how to properly cut lavender, you will be able to purchase a length of string, using it to wrap around the lavender bundle you cut yourself. This will give you a lasting memory to take home and enjoy. Making memories with your family, friends and fellow lavender lovers. A cement bench in the middle of our lavender field invites you to take a moment, to quietly sit on the bench and reflect. 

I will leave you here in my happy place. I do not need to muse further regarding what decision we made and what path our lives needed to take. I am sure it is very clear to you at this point. I hope that you come to the lavender farm and find your happy place. I pray that you find peace, joy and stillness in your soul. I look forward to opening in the summer and watching our beautiful little lavender farm bloom.



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