May 2018 Blog

Opening day is just around the corner! We are hoping for a mid-June opening. The anticipation has us busting at the seams with excitement! We are eager to open our doors and greet each one of your smiling faces : )

I want to give a BIG GIANT shout-out and hug to my fabulous hubby Scott who has created/built all of the base cabinets going into the new building. He is meticulous in everything he does and it shows in these cabinets. They are going to serve us beautifully with the strength and durability that we need for years to come. Scott is amazing at everything he does and these cabinet bases are no exception. I’m very proud of my man!

“How are the lavender plants doing this year?” Is a question I am often asked. Well, they are mostly doing great! Although, there are a few Lavandula angustifolia plants in our first field that are a bit worse for the wear. They suffered in the winter of 2017 and unfortunately have not recovered as well as we had hoped. The second field of Lavandula x. intermedia Grosso is doing exceptionally well! It is greening up beautifully and should be amazing when in bloom. We will use this Grosso for our essential oil distilling demonstrations this summer. (I plan to write a blog on essential oil distilling soon) Grosso, an L. x. intermedia, is typically what is used in France for essential oil distillation because it has much greater oil content then the L. angustifolia plants.

We are starting to fill our calendar with classes! If you are interested then go to our web site and check out what we have to offer. The classes will be so fun and educational. We have a vast amount of offerings such as making lavender wand/wreath, lavender bath fizzies, chalk painting canning jars, and lavender culinary classes. You can sign up for the classes right on the web site. We are excited to begin teaching and creating beautifully crafted lavender items with you!

Opening day cannot come soon enough for us and we are excited to meet you all! We want to thank every one of you for your amazing support and continued interest in Shades of Lavender Farm


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