We Are Thankful For You

You walk through our “Brave Purple” door and immediately stop. Your eyes close and you tilt your nose in the air, breathing deeply, slowly and then you smile. Your eyes pop open looking directly at us and you exclaim, “it smells amazing in here!” Carly and I just look at each other and smile, knowing exactly how you feel.

This phrase never gets old for us. We absolutely love to hear it every single time.

We are blessed to be enveloped by the beauty every single day and to work among the natural fragrances that the earth provides. It is an honor to share it with others.

As I sit here reviewing my Thanksgiving week, I feel so grateful. This was the first Thanksgiving in numerous years that I was not in charge. My husband Scott has taken over Thanksgiving now that I have the Lavender Farm to run. I am grateful for Scott and his willingness to help. He created an amazing day for the family to enjoy. It was a tough Thanksgiving without my mother-in-law, who passed away this past summer. She was missed dearly. But I think the distraction of Thanksgiving plans helped Scott and gave him a purpose to continue the tradition even without his mother here. She would be so proud of him.

We had our first “Small Business Saturday” and it was a resounding success!!!! Oh my goodness we are blessed! I am surprised that the shop didn’t glow from the outside from all of the positivity in that building! It is humbling to hear so many people speak about how important our positive impact is to the area community. I heard the words “you are doing a good thing here” so many times. I hold those words close to my heart. The excitement and support means the world to us. Every word of kindness is tucked away in my mind and I pull them out when I become discouraged. We are thankful for this amazing community!

The local businesses have surrounded us with love and encouragement. Words cannot describe how honored we were to receive the “Unity and Community” award recognition from the Mattawan Business Association. WOW! Humbled, that is what we feel. Blessed is what we are. The Mattawan business community is growing in a positive direction and we could not be more proud to be a part of it. Plus, there are so many women business owners/managers that it is blindingly apparent that women are awesome leaders! I love how we lift each other up and shine each other’s crowns. It’s a beautiful sight to witness and an example for other communities to follow.

This journey has been such a learning experience. We have come across some pretty big roadblocks, both personal and with the farm/business, along the way. Instead of breaking us down, they have made us stronger and more united. We know that our community will come together and hold us up.

We are thankful for our community, friends, family and business associates. God has brought you all here to us. There is so much to be thankful for this year!

We send our blessings and warm thoughts to you all during this Thanksgiving season. I just know that 2019 is going to be even better!!!


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  • This is so awesome, I love hearing what you guys are up to! Happy Holidays!

    Esther Tuttle

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