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About Us

Welcome to Shades of Lavender Farm this little lavender farm! Our vision is to work with the earth and enhance our surroundings. Lavender is so beautiful and inspiring. The goal at Shades of Lavender Farm to teach others about lavender farming, the uses & benefits of lavender and show people how lavender can be utilized in their every day lives. Lavender is such a versatile product and we strive to incorporate it in a number of product for our friends, family and customers to enjoy.

It amazes us how many people are standing behind us and are willing to pitch in to help us with this dream. God is good. Shades of Lavender Farm is blessed beyond measure.

We are excited to announce that we opened to the public July 2018! We encourage you to visit and enjoy the quiet serenity of our farm. As you walk through the cool tunnel of white pines that take you out to our lavender fields, your stress fades away.  As you exit the path through our woods, you are struck with the beauty of our lavender fields. In the months of June/July we offer u-pick when the lavender is in bloom. Decompress while quietly reflecting and finding comfort in the beauty of God's creation.

In our lavender shop you can watch as we make hand crafted bath & body products and culinary foods with our fresh or dried lavender buds or lavender essential oil. Enjoy watching us hand harvest our lavender with a sickle, pack it into  our copper still and learn how we use steam distillation to make lavender essential oil. Finish your journey with a bit of shopping in our gift shop.

We offer fun educational classes for all ages on ways to utilize lavender in bath & body products, lavender wreaths, lavender wands, crafts and culinary creations. Check out the Calendar/Events section on our web site to sign up. 

Please visit our web site often and see all of the changes that will be happening this year and in the years to come. We are so very excited to be on this journey and we are looking forward to awesome things happening in the future!

Photo Credit: Jaime Rose Photography