About Us

Shades of Lavender Farm is a dream come true for us. The dream was to work with the earth and enhance our surroundings. Lavender is so beautiful and inspiring. The goal at Shades of Lavender Farm is to create products that give people comfort. Lavender is such a versatile product and we strive to incorporate it in a number of product for our friends, family and customers to enjoy.

It amazes us how many people are standing behind us and are willing to pitch in to help us with this dream. God is good. Shades of Lavender Farm is blessed beyond measure.

We are excited to announce that we opened to the public July 2018! You can enjoy walking through the lavender fields and cut your own bundles to take home. In our new shop you can watch as we make products from our lavender, see us distill lavender essential oil in our copper still and then enjoy a bit of shopping.

We encourage you to come and walk the lavender fields, quietly reflect and find comfort in the beauty of God's creation.

We will be offering classes for all ages on soap making, lavender wreaths, lavender wands, crafts and culinary creations.

Please visit our web site often and see all of the changes that will be happening this year and in the years to come. We are so very excited to be on this journey and we are looking forward to awesome things happening in the future!

Scott & Janene