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Before You Visit The Farm/Hours

Our farm shop in Mattawan is open on certain days/hours of the week. Due to COVID-19 we are requiring that you wear a mask inside of our farm shop and keep a 6' distance. Currently our farm shop is closed. Lavender u-pick 2020 has ended. You are welcome to shop online.  You can order online and either have your order shipped or you can choose "pick up" at check out to arrange a time to pick up your order at our farm shop in Mattawan.

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We appreciate your support!

Here is our address:

47222 24th St

Mattawan, MI 49071

Phone number: 269-668-1299

Wear good solid shoes. This is a farm and the ground may not be

stable. Solid shoes will help. Flip-flops can trip you up.

Wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Lavender loves full sun and if you are in the field you will need protection.

Bring water. Be prepared and stay hydrated.

DO NOT SWAT AT OUR BEES! They are happy and will not bother you. If you swat at them then they will sting you. The rule of thumb is to move as fast as they do and allow them to move to the next plant.

If you are allergic to bees then bring your Epi-Pen. Use common sense. Walk away if a bee seems agitated.


If you have trouble with stability please let us know. We have ways to get you out to the field to enjoy it without walking so far.

If you have concerns, please let us know. We are here to make your experience wonderful. We will try to create a positive experience.

Have fun! Relax! Rejuvenate your soul. This is what our farm was created for : )